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We are often asked why we do what we do!!  Well we’ve tried to answer that below and would like to introduce you to the team.

Sharon McCullagh –  Before her brain injury, which left her unable to continue to contribute to the group, Sharon was a Community Fundraiser for The Norman Laud Association. Sharon used her marketing and sales skills to attract donations, sponsors and to promote the group effectively. Her years at Aston Villa laid the foundations of being able to deal with the unpredictable and being persuasive against the odds.

Jayne Morris –  Thank heavens for Jayne’s financial expertise. She keeps a keen eye on all the money and is like a dog with a bone!!! when keeping account of the funds raised. Jayne is excellent at focusing the group and was invaluable as the acting Chairwoman during the 2010/11 campaign…..‘Doing good and having fun. Combining friendship with fundraising, resulting in smiles all around!’

Amanda Britton –  Owner of Britton’s Caterers. Amanda brings her excellent event management skills and catering know-how to the group, invaluable to her role as Chair for 2013. Her mischievous nature combined with her relentless energy has made all the events a joy for not only the group but all those involved…..‘I enjoy the feeling that it gives me and my family that MAD friends make a difference’

Sally Wilkins – Hair Stylist and Cosmetic Laser Therapist. Her creative flair is a great asset to the events. Her resourceful approach adds to the innovative themes of all the events…..’For me it is a way of getting together with my close friends, to help raise money and make a difference to the lives of others within my local community, while having fun at the same time!’

Julia Wain – Chief Display Assistant for Sainsbury’s, Mere Green.  Julia’s endless energy and resourcefulness delivers donations and contributions for the charity….. ‘It’s all in the name, MAD friends; making a difference to people lives, and friends, the best I could ever have’

Julie Beattie – Senior Business Analyst for Birmingham City Council. Julie brings an infectious positive outlook to the group with energy and organisation and produces the minutes for our meetings. Julie’s vivacity motivates the team and keeps us focused on our individual tasks which proved essential as Chair for our 2011/2012 campaign….. ‘MAD Friends is infectious – after my first attendance at one of their events I couldn’t wait to get involved to help raise money and give something back to the community’

Carol Wilson –  works on the accounts for her husband’s business.  Carol has been a keen supporter of MAD Friends for many years and has helped organise and promote the cricket matches and disco events with Julia…..’ It is a privilege to be part of MAD Friends – to be able to help these amazing ladies raise money for a wide range of causes while at the same time having a great time with great friends.  A win win situation !!’

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