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November 21, 2019 / madfriends2010


MAD Friends sums up our group in more than one way.  We are a lively bunch, who over a number of years have forged a firm friendship through our mutual love of socialising and having fun.

In the early days three members of the existing group Amanda, Jayne and Sharon got together to raise £3,800 to buy an electric wheelchair for a friend suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.  This was done through holding an event at Aston Wood Golf Club. Not only was this of obvious benefit to the friend concerned but such fun that the group then went from strength to strength.

Sally and Julia joined the group and the fundraising grew.  A total of £5,000 was raised to send a local lad with cerebral palsy to Island Dolphin Care in Florida.

After years of socialising as a group, finding excuses to get together whenever possible, we decided that we should put our energy into a more structured arrangement.

In 2007 MAD Friends was formed with the emphasis on “Making a Difference” to local causes. 

In 2008, after being a guest at the Acorns Children’s Hospice Ball, Julie joined the group.

Sadly, whilst the group were raising money for Parkinson’s during 2017, Sharon suffered a devastating cerebral aneurysm and is no longer well enough to contribute to the group. Although Sharon can never be replaced, the group is now a compliment of six with the addition of Carol.

We see ourselves as a group of fortunate ladies who work hard and play hard with the ability to put something back into our community.  We give great consideration to each of the the causes that we support and  become very attached to the Charity during each campaign.

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